Snowball Duel

Snowball Duel

Snowball fight between two tanks
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Get three shots on target and cover the other tank with snow to win the battle. Be mindful of the wind direction as it will influence your snowball's trajectory.

Snowball Duel is a free flash game that features a snow battle between two tanks. The game is simple, maybe too simple, and the objective is to get a high score by hitting the opponent tank with snowballs. Basically, what you have to do is to throw snowballs to the opponent tank until it gets fully covered in snow. For that, you and the computer opponent, take turns to take aim and shoot. This sounds easy, but it has its complications. For one thing, you will need to take careful aim, taking into account that the wind speed and direction may affect your shot. On the other hand, you need to calculate the shot strength, and for this you will need some practice.
The game will be over when the opponent tank manages to cover you in snow, or, in other words, after it hits you three times.

At the beginning the game is rather boring, mainly because its basic gameplay plus the lack of attractive graphics and sounds make it unappealing. Besides, controlling the shoot with the mouse gets a bit complicated and requires a bit of practice. However, if you still decide to give it a chance, and manage to pass the first level, you may find that it can become addictive, particularly if you want your name to appear on the online highest scores.

This small application is no more than 3 MB, and works in all Windows OS. It is completely free, but I’d recommended it for moments when you really have nothing else to do.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Free


  • Dull graphics
  • There’s no music, nor sounds
  • Basic gameplay
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